Commissioning of the new spray booth – Change over to standard 2 pack paint


Our new spray booth enables us to fulfill the increased environmental standards. The introduction of a 2 pack paint system for both standard and special manufactured products allows us to achieve an even better quality of the corrosion protection. At the same time, the minimum required dry film thickness of our standard 06-version is enhanced to 80µm.

Our corrosion protection systems are now setting a benchmark in their respective areas, because of the quality improvement obtained.

From now on, the corrosion protection class C 2 according to DIN EN ISO 12944 will be achieved for our standard products.

Additionally, we provide special coatings – which are also of substantially improved quality – up to corrosion protection class C 5-I for aggressive industrial atmospheres with a high humidity and C 5-M for coastal and offshore areas with salty air. There are data sheets available for all of our coating systems.