Manufacturing Areas

We have our own manufacturing areas. By fabricating a great deal in-house we achieve a high quality level, besides being highly flexible.

Thanks to using ultra-modern plasma arc and laser cutting techniques and a high precision forming technique we are able to produce even small numbers of pieces with an incomparable precision.


We are able to handle single components up to a weight of 10 tons each.

Machineability of impellers with diameters up to 1100 mm are possible in order to adjust or change the pump hydraulics.

The surface treatment of our products can be carried out according to various company coating standards or as specified by our customers. Our performance range goes from classic industrial priming to high-quality UV and ozone resistant coatings withstanding severe environmental impacts.

The wiring of our units and plants takes place according to national and international standards and rules.

In-house fabrication of pipes and piping systems to be used for our units and pump stations. Audits for the various materials, wall thicknesses and nominal diameters are available.

Our pipe welding specialists are in possession of valid welder approval test certificates.