General Information

As a member of the US based NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) we manufacture fire pump packages, controllers and complete pump house equipment in accordance with the current valid NFPA 20 Standard.

These packages meet the requirements of the Standard by 100% and furthermore fulfill the local requirements and regulations of the various countries they are supplied to.

The packaged fire pump sets are always specifically designed to meet customer or project requirements. This provides us with the possibility to adjust the pump set to the specific application and to present the best technical and commercial solution.

We are exclusive business partners of Firetrol and Peerless for the German-speaking region. For these products we have sufficient spare parts in stock. Our repair shop personnel and our service technicians are factory trained. We are allowed to carry out warranty works on behalf of the manuafacturers.

Pump Packages according to NFPA-20 can be supplied with all pump types conforming with the Standard, this includes particularly:

  • end suction pumps
  • horizontal split case pumps
  • vertical turbine pumps

Packaged fire pump sets according to NFPA-20 can be supplied with FM/UL approved or with “non certified” components. Pump capacities up to 3400 m³/h with discharge heads up to 250 m are possible.



Legal Note:

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