Compressed-air supply


Pneumatic system for diaphragm pressure vessel ready for connection and operation

  • elastically mounted
  • for diaphragm pressure tank
  • with all fittings
  • solenoid valve for pressure relief during starting process
  • screw connection R ¾”


Pneumatic System for up to 2 dry pipe valves ready for connection and operation

  • automatic control
  • bypass with change-over from filling to automatic operation
  • lockable pressure relief valve
  • check valve
  • series tested safety valve
  • stop valve
  • turnable, flexible and oil resistant high pressure connecting hose with threaded joint


Full automatic pneumatic system for several or big pressure vessels and big voluminous dry pipe valves.

With the following main features:

  • steel support, completely hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461
  • 2 piston compressors single-stage 2-cylindric with compressed-air aftercooler
  • with three-phase current motor 3-400 V, 50 Hz, IP 54
  • complete set of fittings piped and wired, ready for operation
  • diaphragm pressure vessel, volume 90 litres, PN 10
  • base load pressure switch
  • pressure switch for peak load or as spare
  • vessel safety valve, component tested
  • Each connection pipe assembly for dry pipes equipped with pressure reducing valve and locking device (to secure the settings against unauthorised adjustment)
  • checkvalve, safety valve, change-over device for continued FILLING OPERATION or AUTOMATIC mode, with orifice for operation in automatic mode, flexible connection hose for continued piping, shut-off valve
  • Control unit according to DIN VDE and UVV power supply 3-400 V 50 Hz, each compressor equipped with
    • Manual / Off / Automatic switch
    • Motor circuit breaker with thermal and magnetic short circuit release
    • Lamp for operation and fault
    • Hour meter
  • automatic changing for base load between base compressor and spare compressor during each new starting
  • automatic change-over for trouble, at fault of one compressor the second compressor is starting automatically