Diesel Engine Driven Emergency Power Generating Sets

Accessories for Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pump Sets adapted for the Diesel Engine Driven Emergency Power Generating Sets Model D-STD and D-CO are also available.

Diesel Fuel Tank Systems

We manufacture

  • diesel fuel tanks with capacities from 180 to 5.000 liters
  • with 100%-drip pan
  • for floor or wall mounting
  • designed to meet all official regulations
  • suitable as safety or main storage tank
  • optionally with manual transfer pump devices to the diesel fuel service tanks on the pump sets
  • with leak detector and all other fittings
  • The drip pans are always hot-dip galvanized as protection against corrosion but can also be painted (optional).

Fuel Storage Tank Systems

Fuel Storage Tank Systems with Safety Tank

  • capacity between 1.000 and 3.000 liters
  • designed with internal plastic tank and external galvanized steel tank
  • suitable for automatic pressure refuelling by tankers
  • qualification approved, with manual transfer pump device
  • integrated 100%-drip pan in accordance with WHG with Certificate and hose pipes
  • all fittings necessary to fill/re-fill the diesel fuel service tank on the pump set
  • with leak detector, level indicator etc.