Standard Design

Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pump Sets

Unit Base Frame

  • made of edge profiles
  • using steel plates with increased material strength and corresponding structure a much higher rigidity will be achieved compared to conventional base frames made of steel sections
  • with integrated drip pan, designed according to WHG (Water Resources Act), tested, with name plate
  • capacity sufficient for 100% of the fuel tank contents, the engine lubricants and the engine cooling water/glycol mix

External Mounting Brackets

  • external, easy and time-saving installation
  • installation with special fastening accessories without displacement of the pump set
  • integrated center holes as loading points for crane/transport


For easy alignment of the pump set

Diesel Fuel Tank System

  • with minimum level monitoring switch which can be checked externally
  • with level indicator below the safety isolating valve and scale with units in litres
  • fuel shut-off valve with electrical monitoring device

Elastic Mounting of the Diesel Engine

  • elastic mounting of the diesel engine combined with a highly flexible coupling to ensure structure-borne noise reduction

Stainless Steel Exhaust Expansion

  • with shaped connection suitable for the diesel engine
  • with socket piece of the corresponding nominal diameter
  • with exhaust gas probe facility
  • with chamfered edges to facilitate welding to the connected exhaust pipe


  • front door labelling in the language of the order
  • unit name plate showing technical data and approval numbers of the main components
  • elastic, vibration dampened mounting of the controller
  • pressure switch assembly completely installed and wired with wire break and short-circuit monitoring, piping with connection for flushing, discharge hose pipes for leaking water accumulated during tests of the unit, pressure gauge with dual scale showing measurements in bar and PSI and with adjustable pointer to mark the starting pressure

Battery System

  • completely maintenance-free, sealed starter battery system type OGI with an expected lifetime of 12 years
  • elastic, vibration dampened placement of the battery trays
  • battery wiring with completely insulated wire ends and connection pieces
  • colour coded “+” and “” cables
  • copper earth tapes with increased cross section to facilitate the earth connections


Marking of all danger zones on the unit in accordance with Machine Guidelines and GSG Device Safety Law.

Laser Adjustment

Each unit will be tested using laser-optics and finely adjusted before delivery.

Metal spacers for fine adjustment in different thicknesses compensate alignment errors and allow re-adjustment after installation and during start-up. An Adjustment Protocol is always included in the scope of delivery.