General Information

As a VdS approved manufacturing plant we supply all fire pump sets in VdS approved design with our product line EURO_LINE. The fire pump sets are available for horizontal dry-well installation, electric motor or diesel engine driven, with capacities up to 1.400 m³/h and a discharge head up to 300 m.

Submersible motor pumps are available with capacities up to 445 m³/h and a discharge head up to 135 m.

A complete range of pump controllers in VdS approved design to control diesel engine and electric motor driven fire pumps up to 315 kW is also included in our product range.

Pump set accessories exactly matching the installation situation as well as in accordance with local conditions and regulations at site can also be supplied.

Emergency power generating sets and controllers with power transfer switches for electric fire pumps are available for the complete power range.


Legal Note:

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