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Our employees explain and illustrate the requirements of standards and regulations already in consultation meetings and thus facilitate the implementation and safe application in daily work. In addition, they present engineering know-how from 50 years of practice as well as research and thus provide our customers with a decisive competitive advantage.

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UL certification for the entire pump range achieved!

Holzhauer Pumpen GmbH
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Zertifizierung für die gesamte Pumpenpalette erreicht

Erstmalig kann Holzhauer-Pumpen mit einer eigenen Pumpenbaureihe „Made in Germany“ auftreten, wenn keine FM Zertifizierung erforderlich ist.

Holzhauer-Pumpen GmbH, a worldwide recognised supplier of fire protection solutions, receives certification from the independent global testing and certification organization Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for pumps. The UL certification confirms that the pumps of Holzhauer-Pumpen GmbH meet the safety standards regarding service life, aging and safety components for the operation of pumps.

“We are pleased that our pump series has been recognised by UL. UL certification is essential for many of our customers’ orders”

Christian Trahan, Managing Director at Holzhauer-Pumpen GmbH.

The Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (short UL) is an independent institute founded in 1894 in Northbrook / USA. Similar to the German TÜV, it tests a wide variety of goods that are imported into the USA or manufactured in the USA. Criteria are, for example, safety in use. The certification serves the public interest and consumer protection. For products or devices submitted for approval, all components are examined – including, for example, the type plates. Other services provided by UL include testing, consulting, monitoring, analysis and approval.

For Holzhauer-Pumpen GmbH the UL certification means a further competitive advantage on the international markets. The aim is to win orders, especially in countries in the Arab and Asian region. In tenders there, the specifications often require that no products from the USA and/or China may be used.

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